2018-19 Redwood Elementary School Supply List

Supply List Pages by Grade:

KG | 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th

TK | AAP 2nd/3rd | AAP 4th/5th

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Kindergarten Supplies

Please label items 1-7 with your child’s name:
1. Labeled beach towel or blanket (no bigger than 3 feet by 5 feet) and a labeled pillowcase to hold blanket: no pillows, sleeping bags, or mattresses, please
2. Backpack large enough for lunch box and folder to fit and still have plenty of space for coat, etc.
3. One (1) container of play dough with name on lid and container
4. One (1) plastic place mat with name on top
5. Three (3) folders with pockets at the bottom, not on the sides (cover pictures compatible with Christian values. Please, put name on the top front right.)
6. Girls, when wearing dresses or skirts, must wear play shorts underneath all day.
7. Athletic shoes which provide strong lateral support MUST be worn all day

No name needed:
8. One (1) pair of scissors – Fiskars work well – (safety scissors often do not cut, but only bend the paper.)
9. One (1) box of 24 crayons (Crayola brand, please)
10. Twelve (12) pencils, (Ticonderoga brand, please) – sharpened
11. One (1) roll of paper towels
12. One (1) box of facial tissue/Kleenex
13. One (1) box of wipes
14. One (1) box of Ziploc sandwich-size bags
15. One (1) box of Ziploc quart-size bags
16. One (1) box of Ziploc gallon-size bags
17. Two (2) composition notebooks

Please keep a change of underwear and clothes in a plastic bag in their backpack, in case of an accident.

Note: Kindergarten boys who are unable to snap, button, or zip their pants should wear pants with an elastic waist band.