2018-19 Redwood Elementary School Supply List

Supply List Pages by Grade:

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Transitional Kindergarten Supplies

Please put your child’s name on these supplies with a permanent marker:
1. Labeled beach towel or blanket (no bigger than 3 feet by 5 feet) and a labeled pillowcase to hold the blanket: no pillows, sleeping bags, or mattresses, please.)
2. Four (4) plain colored horizontal pocket folders
3. One (1) container of play dough with name on the lid
4. One (1) plastic place mat with name on top
5. One (1) set of 8 watercolor paints palette
6. One (1) extra change of clothes (in case of an emergency)

These items will be community use items – no name is necessary:
A. Twenty four (24) #2 hardness pencils (Made in the USA, please)
B. Sixteen (16) glue sticks
C. One (1) box of washable Crayola markers (basic colors)
D. One (1) regular box of facial tissue
E. One (1) tub of Baby Wipes (refill packages are ok)
F. One (1) roll of paper towels
G. Two (2) boxes of 24 crayons
Choose one additional item of your choice:
*Plastic forks or spoons
*Ziploc bags of any size
Please remember the following guidelines regarding these personal items:
*A backpack, roll case or book bag needs to be large enough to fit pocket folders and a lunch pail.
*Athletic shoes which provide strong lateral support are to be worn all day.
*Young ladies, when wearing dresses, should wear play shorts underneath.
*Kindergarten boys who are unable to snap, button, or zip their pants should wear pants with an elastic waist band.