Eagles Care

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RCS offers Eagles Care (EC) before and after school as an added service for parents. EC is available from 7 am to 6 pm (excluding school hours) for students enrolled in TK – 6th grade. EC is closed on major holidays, but will be open on Teacher Prep Days and during ACSI and BASS Conventions. Time is allotted for both school work and play as well as planned activities. Snacks are provided, but they are not meant to replace meals. There is an additional cost for EC.

RCS also offers occasional after-school clubs (known as Eagles Club) for various interests throughout the school year. These clubs are available for a cost on a per club basis.

Redwood Eagles Camp (REC) is a weekly summer camp. Each week has a theme to engage, challenge, and entertain children entering 1st – 6th grade. Students can sign up for the whole summer break (age-dependent for specific camps) or a week at a time. Weekly themes, activities, etc are published in April for the upcoming summer. Summer Care is also available in addition to or in lieu of REC.

Click here to download the registration form for Eagles Care.

Forms may be submitted:
1)  to the elementary office during office hours,
2)  to the Back-to-School BBQ EC table (located inside the gymnasium), OR
3)  to the EC staff on the first day of school (opens at 7 am)