Eagles Care


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RCS offers Eagles Care (EC) before and after school as an added service for parents. EC is available from 7am to 6pm (excluding school hours) for students enrolled in TK – 5th grade. EC is closed on major holidays, but is open on Teacher Prep and Training Days. Time is allotted for both school work and play as well as planned activities. Snacks are provided, but they are not meant to replace meals. There is an additional cost for EC (see below).

 Before-School Program (7:00 to 8:45am)

Grades TK-5

Children may have a morning breakfast supplement (between 7:00 and 7:30am), play table games, draw or color, read, finish homework, play outside, visit with their friends, etc. At 8:45am, EC staff escorts the students to their respective classes.

After-School Program (3:45 to 6:00pm)

Grades TK-6

(6th graders must take the inter-campus bus shuttle to the elementary campus. A separate bus charge applies.) Children are greeted by staff and checked in/prepared for the afternoon snack. This is followed by homework time for those who have work to do. At approximately 4:45pm, the children are free to play (activities may include games, arts and crafts, outside play, etc.) while waiting for pick-up.

Our Staff

  • Born-again Christians
  • Kind, loving and firm
  • Willing to help with personal education and improvement
  • Patient with children
  • Dedicated and thorough
  • First Aid/CPR certified
  • Cleared via application and background check


  1. To provide a safe and secure environment for TK-6th grade students attending Redwood Christian Schools in a before- and after-school program and all day during selected non-school days.
  2. To provide enrichment to the Biblical and academic studies taught in the regular classroom.
  3. To give parents the maximum flexibility in scheduling their use of Eagles Care (EC).
  4. To assist parents in providing social interaction, enrichment activities and other enjoyable opportunities for their children. 


Please use this number to contact EC staff during EC hours of operation.

School Days



Non-School Days


Non-School Days When EC Will Be Open

(See school calendar for more details.)

Non-School Days When EC Is Closed

  • Major Holidays
  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Christmas Break
  • Easter Break

Dress Code

Students will wear regular school clothes on school days. During non-school days, students may wear modest casual clothes in good repair. 

Athletic shoes are recommended for all activities.


Breakfast Supplement

A morning breakfast supplement will be offered to children who are in EC between 7:00 and 7:30am. The supplement is NOT intended to replace a nutritious breakfast.

Afternoon Snack

An afternoon snack will be offered to children who are in EC and may include the following: fruit, cheese, yogurt, cookies, crackers, and/or juice, milk, or water.


During non-school days, children are required to bring a nutritious lunch and morning fruit snack with water or other drink. Food service is not available. Please send easy-opening, non-glass containers.

Checking In And Out

The school regards the check-in and check-out procedures to be of utmost importance for the protection and safety of the child. Parents/Guardians are expected to accompany their child(ren) at check-in and check-out. Students may be checked out only by a person named on their Student Data Form.


In order to be enrolled in Redwood’s EC program during the school year: 

  1. New students must already have received an acceptance letter from the school.
  2. Complete and submit the Eagles Care Jotform. All fees will be applied to FACTS.

Before participating in any EC program, new enrollment forms must be completed each school year.


Current rates are available in the EC office or online. Rates will be reviewed annually.

The annual charge for EC is posted to your FACTS account when you enroll for the flat-rate plan, but will due in monthly installments through May. Payment plans are available for flat-rate, hourly or emergency use. An EC Registration Information sheet is provided to help determine the best plan for your family. Hourly registration fees will be applied to FACTS upon registration.

Davis Street helps meet childcare needs by offering a voucher parental choice program for families who meet certain minimum income requirements and are in their service area. Find out more here or go directly to their application here.

Click here to sign up for Eagles Care.

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School Year (Eagles Club)

Periodically, we will offer unique after-school activities such as Chess, tennis, martial arts, and STEM-based classes. Pre-enrollment and an additional fee will be required for each class.

Summer (Eagles Camp) – REC

 Create the perfect summer camp based on your child’s interests!

Redwood Eagles Camp (REC) is a summer-long enrichment program offered to both current and non-RCS students designed with thematic weeks to challenge and support your child’s many interests. Our REC program utilizes many of the talents and specialties of teachers and coaches at RCS. Our camps will focus on the fundamental skills of various activities and incorporate fun, engaging games to reinforce camper learning.

All adult and high school student staff are vetted through our application process and will be directly supervised by current RCS teachers, coaches and/or staff. Our staff to camper ratio is 1:20 but we endeavor to lower this ratio as appropriate to the themed week.

Weekly themes, activities, etc. are published in March for the upcoming summer. Summer Care is also available in addition to or in lieu of REC. Pre-enrollment is required. There is no drop-in/emergency use. Summer rates are weekly.

For more information, see our REC brochure (available in the spring) or www.rcs.edu/rec.