Redwood Christian Middle School and High School Online Distance Learning Resources

Campus-Wide Software/Websites to Be Used

  Application Link to Bookmark/Download Get Started/How to/Tutorials
Calendly What is Calendly?
Google Drive Google Drive Download (PC, Mac)
Log in via Google.com and access via Google apps menu
How to Sign In  (use @rcs.edu only)
How to Upload Files
How to Share Files/Folders
How to Edit/Create/Format Files 
Khan Academy Khan Academy iOS
Khan Academy (PC, Mac)
Please refer to teacher instructions for Khan Academy supplement to class.
MyFitnessPal MyFitnessPal iOS 
MyFitnessPal (PC, Mac)
MyFitnessPal Exercise Examples
Schoology Schoology iOS
Schoology (PC, Mac)
How To Use Schoology
Zoom Video Conferencing Zoom Video Conferencing iOS
Zoom Video Conferencing (PC, Mac)
Getting Started Videos
Zoom Button/Features & Short KeysZoom Best PracticesZoom “How To” Slides

MSHS Teacher Schedule

Teachers will be available for educational purposes from 8 am to 3:30 pm.  Generally, class time via Zoom conferencing will be in the morning (student attendance required) and teacher office hours for tutoring/help in the afternoon (optional by appointment only).  We are calling 2:30 – 3 pm “Open Zoom” school-wide in which all teachers Zoom conference rooms will be open for students to login as needed. 

HS Online Distance Learning Schedule

HS Online Distance Learning Chapel Schedule

MS Online Distance Learning Schedule

MSHS Additional Campus Resources

in addition, class lesson plans are still posted for the next week by Friday on Ren Web (as usual)


HS Student Schedule Planner

MSHS Distance Learning PE Activity Record

Educational Supplies Stock Up Ideas From MSHS Teachers

Distance Learning Service Opportunity – Nursing Home Letters

Physical Education & Activity Resources

Sermon Notes Teens , Sermon Notes 2


Attendance will be counted as a participation grade and will replace the SAT Vocab/SAT Math category in the grade book.

Campus Contact Information

Your main contact during this time will be your classroom teacher.  However, for general campus questions, you can call 510-317-8990.  or email BenWarner@rcs.edu .  For questions about athletics, please call 510-317-8988 or email JimCleveland@rcs.edu.

For all other questions/ comments/ online distance learning inquiries, click the button

Campus Trip/Event Calendar Changes

A Taste of Puerto Rico Dinner – cancelled
Alumni and Friends Concert-  cancelled
Athletics – all practices, open gyms, and competitions are cancelled until further notice.
DRP – cancelled
Festival of Fine Arts – cancelled
Good Friday Service for Zambranos-  cancelled
RCS Info Night – Rescheduled Virtually, CLICK HERE (TBA)
Shadow Day 3/18 – Rescheduled Virtually, CLICK HERE (TBA)
WrAP – cancelled
8th Grade Historical Studies Trip- cancelled
ACSI Speech Meet- cancelled
Drama Stage Right – cancelled
Spring Sports Awards – cancelled
ACSI Speech Meet-  cancelled
Christian Ministry Trip – Tentative Reschedule- May 31-June 8
Drama Stage Right – cancelled
Drama II/HS Play – cancelled
International Student Graduation Reception – cancelled
Eagle Dash-  Tentative Reschedule April 24
SAT School Day – cancelled
Spring Spectacular- Tentative Reschedule April 20-24