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​RCS is closely monitoring the outbreak caused by Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and are making decisions based on school operations and activity accordingly.  It is our aim to not create panic, anxiety, rumors, or frustration rather to help educate and protect the RCS community.  This web page will serve as a living resource for both COVID-19 resources and Distance Learning procedures if needed.  In addition, the CDC and Alameda County Public Health Department continue to provide updates. To the best of my knowledge, no student, family member, or staff member at RCS has COVID-19.

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Online Distance Learning Objectives and Expectations

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RCE Online Distance Learning Hub here

MSHS Online Distance Learning Hub here


RCS transitioned to online distance learning on Thursday, March 19 due to the stay-at-home directive by Alameda County.  Since then, distance learning has been extended to May 1st due to the state-wide directive and recommendations.  RCS continues to monitor recommendations from the CDC and Alameda County Public Health department.

What is Online Distance Learning?

RCS Online Distance Learning is the same high academic standards expected at our school, just in a different location - online!

RCS Online Distance Learning is designed to provide different methods to help students learn. Teachers will provide a framework for creating a digital classroom experience and guidance to facilitate student interaction with both the teacher and the course material. RCS Online Distance Learning is set up to ensure lessons are accessible to students of all ability levels and that parents understand the Online Distance Learning process.

How does instruction work online?

There are two types of best practiced instructional modalities used for online distance learning: Synchronous and Asynchronous.  A Synchronous modality is when instructors and students gather at the same time and interact in “real time” with a very short or “near-real time” exchange between instructors and students. An Asynchronous modality is when instructors prepare course materials for students in advance of students’ access. Students may access the course materials at a time of their choosing and will interact with each over a longer period of time.  Both of these methods are available for use by our teachers at RCS and students should expect to interact in both modalities.

5 Goals for RCS Online Distance Learning
  • Maintain a high quality education centered on the truth of Scripture.
  • Continuing to build community between teachers, students, and parents.
  • Providing students direct access to teachers for direction, guidance and feedback.
  • Teacher engagement with learners online through assignments and projects.
  • Clear directions and ongoing feedback.
Student attendance

Student attendance is required via Zoom video conferencing.  The schedule varies by campus and teachers will share the class schedule with students before online distance learning begins.  Students should set up a work space in their house (in a common area not in their bedroom nor bathroom) for video conferencing.  Please note, to uphold modesty and the professionalism of a productive learning environment, normal RCS Dress Code is in effect during Zoom video conferences.

What Online Distance Learning Looks Like

Distance Learning FAQs


Will the campuses still be open?

While the campus is physically closed, we are still at work, just in a different location.  You can reach our offices by phone at 510-889-7526 during the hours of 8 am - 4:30 pm or submit an online inquiry (question/comment/etc.) any time here.

What about Events/Athletics/Trips/Graduations/Etc?

We are reviewing events on a case by case basis.

Currently, cancelled: all athletic practices and events and field trips scheduled in the month of April.

Please visit your campus hub as event status' are updated in a running list at the bottom of the web page as they are known.  Graduation and awards ceremonies scheduled for May are being planned - both physical and virtual options, and we hope to be able to still hold these events if it is safe to do so.

RCE Online Distance Learning Hub here
MSHS Online Distance Learning Hub here

How will attendance work during Online Distance Learning?

Attendance is required.

RCE - if the daily assignments are turned in by 3:00 pm, the student is marked as “present” that day.

MSHS - following the Zoom Conference class time, a Schoology “exit ticket” will need to be completed by each student.  If that assignment is turned in by the due date/time, the student is marked as “present” that day.

If a student will be absent, please email the teacher(s) as soon as this is known.

How long are students expected to be "online?"

Parents should expect school to be similar in length as though students were coming to campus.

Elementary students may need to be online with their teacher up to two times or one hour per day.  Time to complete assignments will vary per student.

Middle school and high school students are expected to attend each core class every day for up to 30 minutes per class.  Time to complete assignments after that will vary per student.

Do Elementary student need their own Zoom Account? What if they don't have an email address? 

Elementary students do not need to set up an email address for online distance learning. Teachers will share a link for video conferencing (through email to the parents).  When it is time for elementary student's video conference, you will click on that link.  If you have multiple children, you may need a device (smart phone, tablet, or computer) per child with access to that email if video conferences are at the same time.

For middle school and high school, both parents and students will receive teacher classroom links.  High school students should use their school-issued iPad to log in to the class session.  For families with more than one elementary and/or middle school student, each student may need their own device as middle school class times will be coinciding with other grade levels.

How will grades work? What about tests?

Assignments will be assigned and graded similar to a classroom setting.  The only difference is teacher feedback will be virtual via Zoom video conferencing or scanned documents.  Please continue to use Ren Web to monitor students’ grade progress.

Online distance learning best practices discourage traditional tests as means of assessments.  RCS teachers will continue assessing students via formative assessments appropriate for an online learning environment (and the specifics will vary depending on the class).  Should you have more specific questions, please contact us here.

Will this interfere with students’ progress to the next class/grade level?

No, education is continuing as usual and students will continue to be equipped for their next grade level as planned.  Online distance learning will continue to meet prep-planned course learning goals and curriculum standards as would classroom instruction.  In fact, RCS students are learning at an extraordinary rate and will likely be ahead compared to peers in their grade level!

Who do I contact with tech issues?

Most technical issues will have to be handled via the support desk of the app or website you are having trouble for.  Visit your campus hub for links to help and Zen desks for the various applications RCS teachers are using.  Furthermore...

RCE families can contact Mrs. Wo for additional help/questions.  Click here. 

High School students can still use iLearn on Schoology to report ipad issues.

How do we get access codes/log in information/links

We will continue to update our website to support the accessibility needs of the various applications.  Currently, we have:

RCE Teacher Zoom & Email Links
MSHS Teacher Zoom & Email Links

In the meantime, please email the teacher if you do not have the link you need.

I have another question:

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More Information:

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