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Online Registration for the 2023-24 Season begins August 1st, 2023.

Volunteer Coaching

Crossover is a volunteer basketball ministry.  If you are interested in being a coach, assistant coach, team parent or support volunteer, please visit the link below for an application.  The number of teams formed is directly related to how many volunteer coaches we can secure.

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2022-23 Season

CROSSOVER Basketball completed its 34th season, serving our local community with recreational-level competition while teaching Biblical character including good sportsmanship.  The season concluded on Saturday, December 17 with a season-end celebration with a free pizza dinner for the crowd of over 400 people; players, families and friends at Redwood Christian School’s gymnasium in San Lorenzo.  About 250 players (coed grades 2-12) and about 50 volunteer coaches/support team members dedicated their time and effort in this two-month season (abbreviated from the usual four-months) due to practice/game facility limitations.

Weekly practices included not only basketball drills but also a challenge to memorize Bible verses.  20 players successfully memorized all their verses and were awarded prizes.  James Tucker, Director of CROSSOVER Basketball, summarized the Bible devotions and encouraged the audience to apply them in their everyday lives.  He was followed by free throw competitions and the annual Coaches vs. Seniors game.

CROSSOVER Basketball is a sports program of Redwood Christian Schools in partnership with Castro Valley First Baptist Church, 3Crosses Church, Redwood Chapel Community Church and First Presbyterian Church of Hayward.  CROSSOVER Basketball is an official affiliate of the Golden State Junior Warriors Program.


From James Tucker – New Director of Crossover Basketball

When you think of the word “crossover”, what comes to mind?  For me, today it has two very distinct meanings.  I grew up loving the game of basketball.   I had opportunities to play other sports but chose the one that shoots the ball in the hoop. In high school, I had the opportunity to play basketball and as I grew older, I realized a couple of things.  One, without a growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, I would not be able to live out my true purpose on the court and would likely be blinded by the things I knew how to do.  Two, my skills, gifts, and abilities will only take me so far and I would always be limited to them.  What does “crossover” mean to me?   It means that I have stepped away from the person of self that I relied on and that has held me back, and “crossed-over” to a life that works hard to continually rely on Him, Jesus Christ. In basketball, crossover is moving from one direction to another; and if done right, the person that you are trying to get away from is left there standing wondering what happened.

Over the past few years, Crossover has had several transitions.  We’ve had coaches transition to other ministries, and directors who have been pivotal in the development and growth of Crossover move onto other areas as well.  The fortunate thing about this is that when Christian workers transition out, there should always be new workers transitioning in.

Our most recent change is in the transition of our amazingly gift Director, Pat Lee. Pat started the conversation with us mid last year about his calling to move on. He has held up our ministry, and during a tough season of life for our entire world.  He will greatly be missed in this role but will still stay on and continue to work with our team.

As I stepped into this role, I pray that God will raise up His people for his glorious work.  Matthew 28: 18-20 says, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.  And behold, I am with you always, to the end of age.” ESV

In this call to go, Jesus not only tells us what we are to be doing, but that it also teaches us that He has ultimate authority to call us to such a task. Plus, He will be with us as we work for his glory.  In this, I find encouragement, purpose, and peace!

Let His people live for His glory!

 James Tucker
Director- Crossover BASKETBALL
E-mail Crossover@rcs.edu


About Crossover

Crossover Youth Basketball ministry started in 1987 uniting the young basketball players in our community with one another, caring coaches, and the local church. This is a recreational ministry – which is also one of the largest youth organizations partnering with the NBA’s Junior Warriors program and Redwood Christian Schools. Our program is designed to provide a fun and safe activity for the youth in our community.

The goal of Crossover is to create healthy competition and build biblical character within its participants. Each participant will receive a uniform and a player devotional booklet with weekly “Crossoverse” Bible verses to study and memorize. This co-ed ministry runs from November through December. It is an opportunity for boys and girls to learn about God, have fun, play basketball, and demonstrate teamwork skills. One hour practices are held once per week and games are only played on Saturdays.

Our name, Crossover, has a special meaning. It is an important and basic basketball move, which involves a change of direction, from one side to the other. It also reminds us that spiritually we can “cross-over” from death to life through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.