Crossover FAQs

1) What is CROSSOVER?

CROSSOVER is a basketball ministry overseen by Redwood Christian Schools and jointly lead by members of the Castro Valley area church community.  CROSSOVER exists to create healthy competition while building biblical character into our players. Weekly prayer and devotions are a significant component of our basketball ministry.

2) Why is the cost so low?

Our registration cost is low due to the generous donations from our partnering churches and local community.

3) How is CROSSOVER connected to the Golden State Warriors?

We are one of the largest affiliates of the Junior Warriors Basketball Program. Our uniforms come directly from the Jr. Warriors.

4) How do I register?

Our online registration opens on August 1 via a link found on our website (www.rcs.edu/crossover). We recommend registering earlier than later as the younger divisions fill up quickly and there is normally a wait list for all divisions each season. A short evaluation session (not a try‐out) is required to complete the registration process which assists us in team formation.

5) When and where are the practices and games played?

Our one‐hour practices are held once a week, Monday through Friday, between 4PM and 8PM, usually beginning the first week of November. The day and time of these practices are determined by the volunteer coach assigned to your player. All practices and games are held at local Castro Valley churches or school facilities.

6) Who are the coaches and other volunteers that serve in CROSSOVER?

All CROSSOVER volunteers are from local churches who are required to submit an application and background check. All coaches are required to wear an identification lanyard during practices and games. Interested volunteers can find the application on our website (www.rcs.edu/crossover).

7) Are there any restrictions from playing in CROSSOVER?

Coed players must be in grades 2 to 12. There are no geographic restrictions nor any requirement to attend a local church to participate in CROSSOVER. Players with special needs will be addressed on a case by case basis.

8) Can I request a buddy for my child?

Yes.  However, the listed buddy must also list your child to be his/her buddy as well.  We only allow one buddy per player to avoid buddy “chains” and to facilitate teaming.

9) Can I request a particular weeknight and time for my child’s practice?

No. We cannot accommodate practice time requests.  Any schedule conflicts created upon receiving your practice time can only be resolved if another player can be switched from another team without adding additional hardships to either team and/or player.

10) How do I get more information about CROSSOVER?

Send e-mail to: crossover@rcs.edu.