Continuous Enrollment

From Re-Enrollment to Continuous Enrollment: Set it and Forget It!

Last year, 90% of eligible Redwood Christian School families returned to our school for this current year. We want to make things even easier for RCS families and reward such great school loyalty.

I have no plans to change schools- and almost everybody comes back every year anyway. Can’t I just stay at RCS until I notify the school otherwise?

YES!!! Now you can. Now that RCS has fully transitioned from the yearly "opt-in" of re-enrollment to Continuous Enrollment, you are in until you graduate (or "opt-out"). Continuous Enrollment is a once-and-for-all process. Once you sign your Continuous Enrollment Contract in your admission packet, you’ll never have to deal with the lengthy re-enrollment (online) paperwork (unless your family plans change). Again, “Set it, and forget it!” In the event that things do change, you’ll have until February 1st every year to simply notify the District Office that you are opting-out and face absolutely no penalty.

What does Continuous Enrollment look like?

Dr. Hearne will inform all families with email about Continuous Enrollment, explaining the tuition for the next school year, links to important RCS information, and a reminder that families can opt-out by February 1 with no penalty. Families will be automatically charged the Continuous Enrollment Payment (CEP) of $180 per student/$375 family maximum on February 5th (and it will be spread out over three months). This means that the vast majority of RCS families will have the convenience of ignoring the communication and going about their day as usual! Click here to see the contract.

What’s the penalty if I break this contract?

RCS families that are re-enrolled, but break the contract by opting out of enrollment for the following school year after the specified date will be contractually obligated to pay fees according to the below schedule. While penalty may seem steep, many schools require a semester or even a year of tuition once a family is enrolled for the following year.

Opt-out schedule for the following school year:
February 5th-Last Day of School        $100 per student
After Last Day-June 30th                   1⁄12 Annual Tuition Due
July 1st-31st                                     2⁄12 Annual Tuition Due
August 1st-Day Before School            3⁄12 Annual Tuition Due

For immediate withdrawals after the start of the school year, a minimum of 3⁄12 of the annual tuition will be due. Tuition will be prorated on a half-month basis for any school use beyond August 31st.

But what about unique circumstances? I’m planning on keeping my kids at RCS until college. What if God has other plans for my family?

We’ve built flexibility into this contract. So, for major life changes/unique circumstances (such as moving 25+ miles away from our school, if RCS can no longer meet your child’s educational needs, if we ask your family to leave, or if there is some unforeseen circumstance that our Superintendent approves), there will be no financial penalty.

What do I get out of this?


Guaranteed placement.

Partnership with RCS to equip your child/ren for daily living and eternal life. With increasing enrollment, we are either at or near waitlists in many of our grades, placement in next year’s class is an increasingly sought-after spot. By opting into continuous enrollment, you’ll be locking down that coveted seat for your child until graduation.