Continuous Enrollment Financial Agreement

REGISTRATION AND ENROLLMENT: In order to finalize enrollment, a FACTS account must be established, and either a 12-month tuition plan by ACH, semester, or the pay-in-full option must be selected. Students will not be placed on class lists until this step is completed.

CONTINUOUS ENROLLMENT: In order to provide RCS families with a system of enrollment that is seamless and paperless, while providing choices, RCS has adopted a continuous enrollment system where students are continually enrolled from their initial admission into the school system until they graduate from Redwood Christian High School. As a family maintains their continuous enrollment, each student’s information (i.e. address, phone, email, emergency contacts, and medical information) is continuous from grade to grade in the student information system. RCS will help to maintain the records by reminding parents to
provide updated information, as necessary, using the Information Update link on the RCS website. Each January, RCS will publish the following school year’s tuition rates, the annual continuous enrollment payment amount, and information regarding the RCS Philosophy of Education. Please review the Annual Tuition Brochure to see payment options and the Basis & Purpose of RCS, Parent/Guardians’ Pledge of Acceptance, Agreement with the Redwood Christian Schools’ Philosophy of Educating Students, and the Student Handbook.

I/We understand that the term of our student’s enrollment begins with their initial enrollment and continues automatically through completion of grade 12, unless we notify RCS that we are choosing to withdraw.

I/We understand that it is my/our responsibility to review the Annual Tuition Brochure, Basis & Purpose of RCS, Parent/Guardians’ Pledge of Acceptance, Agreement with the Redwood Christian Schools Philosophy of Education, and the Student Handbook each year; and acknowledge I/we will be held to the most currently published version(s) of said publications.

CONTINUOUS ENROLLMENT PAYMENT (CEP): The continuous enrollment payment is collected each spring in order to assist the RCS administration in effectively planning for staffing and curriculum for the following school year. The CEP will be posted to the family’s FACTS account each year in February. It will be divided into three smaller payments, which are added to your account in February, March, and April. Payments are due approximately 15 days after posting. Once the CEP is paid, the annual tuition will then be posted to the tuition account(s).

No refunds of the CEP will be given after 14 days of the first installment being charged on the FACTS account, except for:

• A relocation of 25 miles or more further away from the RCS District Office
• Military move – a copy of the orders is required
• If there is a conflict with course schedule and no on-campus classes can be taken (for PSP/Home School students ONLY)

For these reasons only, the CEP will be refunded.

I/We understand that a non-refundable CEP is required each year to keep my child(ren) continuously enrolled. I/We also understand that this payment is automatically applied to my FACTS account each year unless I/we have notified the business department on or before February 5th, and that it is my/our responsibility to choose whether I/we pay this payment by the due date or have it paid automatically through FACTS.

DAMAGES: I/We will pay for damages caused by my/our student.

INCIDENTAL FEES: All additional fees will be applied to FACTS under the “incidental billing” category. Incidental billing may be paid by selecting “auto pay,” or by logging in to FACTS to pay. All charges over 30 days past due are subject to a late fee.

DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS: In order to continue attendance, all FACTS accounts must be kept current. Students may not be permitted to continue attending school if the account becomes two months past due. A late fee will be charged when the account is over 30 days past due. Any check returned to RCS by the bank will result in a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) charge to the account. Returned FACTS payments are subject to a $30 charge.

I/We understand that all financial obligations must be fulfilled promptly, and that in order to continue enrollment, accounts must be kept current, and that past due accounts and NSF checks will result in additional charges.

WITHDRAWAL PROCESS and WITHDRAWAL FEE: In order to withdraw, families must follow the RCS withdrawal process. If a student opts out after February 5th, the CEP deadline, but prior to the end of the current school year, a late opt out fee of $100 per student will be assessed. Families with an immediate enrollment at RCS between January and May have until the last day of the current school year to opt out (without the $100 fee per student) and after the last day of school, they will be responsible for the corresponding schedule below. RCS will apply any paid CEP toward any open invoices (tuition or incidentals) if the CEP was paid prior to opting out.  If a student opts out after the end of the previous school year through June 30th, 1/12 of the annual tuition is due. Should a student opt out between July 1st and July 31st, 2/12 of the annual tuition is due. Lastly, if a student opts out between August 1st through the day before school begins, 3/12 of the annual tuition is due. After the first day of school, tuition is prorated on a half month basis.

I/We understand that in order to withdraw, the withdrawal process must be followed, withdrawal fees will apply, and accounts must be made current.

RE-ADMISSION: Families who have previously attended Redwood Christian Schools and desire to have their student(s) return after a one (1) year or less absence may do so by submitting a new application as a new student would.

NOTE: Any of the aforementioned dates can be altered due to the specific date falling on a weekend or holiday. If said date does fall on a weekend or holiday, the due dates will be adjusted to the Friday prior.

Rev. 2022.01.04
(Revisions are indicated by bold, italicized text)