Board Members

Redwood Christian Schools is governed by an independent, self-perpetuating, interdenominational school board that establishes major policies for the school.  The RCS Board is among the most faithful and dedicated school boards demonstrated by their regular attendance at school functions and the longevity of their service

In addition, the RCS Board routinely prays for the school, programs, and faculty, staff, and administration.  They meet approximately once a month. Attendance at the meetings is by invitation only.

Board Officers: Brian Beck, Steve Swanson, Rayford Reed, Philip Carlton, April Nunez, and Harry Bruno.
Not Pictured: Cathy Breslow.

Board Members:

 Joined the Board

Brian Beck 2019
Cathy Breslow (Secretary) 2007
Harry Bruno (Chairman) 1994
Philip Carlton 2013
April Nunez (Treasurer) 2008
Rayford Reed (Vice Chairman) 2008
Steve Swanson 2013