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Agreement with the RCS Philosophy of Educating Students

Redwood Christian Schools (RCS) believes that a student’s home and school should have a harmonious relationship. Thus we ask the home to be in agreement with the policies, practices and philosophy stated herein on our application and on our website. Our philosophy is
based on the conviction that Bible knowledge and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ are essential to fulfill the spiritual, academic and social development of the student, and we strive to foster that philosophy in our classes, programs and curriculum to provide a Christ- centered education.

RCS does not limit its enrollment to only students who have committed their lives to Jesus Christ. We welcome students of all religious backgrounds, and strongly encourage families to regularly attend church together. The total process of education at RCS includes encouraging students who have not committed their lives to Jesus Christ (unsaved) to trust in Him for their salvation, and then develop a Christian worldview by relating the whole person to God in all facets of life.

Our philosophy of Christian education recognizes the God-ordained role of parents to their child(ren). In view of this relationship, RCS affirms that education is primarily the parents’ responsibility. Our school functions as an extension of the home, to assist the proper relationship between the family, church and the educational process in providing a Christ-centered education for our students. Just as parents expect RCS to support their family, it is the expectation of RCS that our families will:

• Support the school in all its efforts to provide excellent academic and spiritual training;
• Affirm the school in maintaining its educational and Biblical standards, policies and procedures;
• Support decisions and discipline made by the school as they relate to their child(ren);
• Participate, when possible, in school affairs and functions;
• Faithfully meet their financial obligations to the school;
• Resolve any issues or problems with school personnel by following the Biblical procedures stated in Matthew 18:15-17 (e.g., first, go directly to those involved with a confusion or misunderstanding);
• Read and agree to abide by the RCS Student Handbook available at all school offices and posted on;
• Read and understand the Basis and Purpose of Redwood Christian Schools; and
• Read and understand the items listed on “Parents/Guardians’ Pledge of Continued Cooperation”.

By signing this Agreement, we pledge and agree to:

• Try our best to meet each of the expectations the school has for its families, as stated above; and
• Actively support the board, administration and faculty of Redwood Christian Schools in implementing the school’s philosophy of providing a Christ-centered education.