Academic Benchmarks

A Redwood Christian education has high academic standards.

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Our goals for academic benchmarks are to provide fair, valid, and reliable standardized assessments that produce meaningful results and to inform our faculty in order to enhance their classroom teaching practices. Administrators and faculty analyze student progress multiple times per year in the following assessments:


Students in grades K-5 participate in the TerraNova 3 standardized testing each year. The TerraNova 3 is a nationally normed assessment system designed to measure concepts, processes, and skills taught throughout the nation; in addition to measuring individual student growth.

Math Diagnostic Testing Program (MDTP)

The MDTP diagnostic readiness tests are formatively used to promote and support student readiness and success in college mathematics courses. The program begins in 5th grade and continues through 12th grade in which math students take the MDTP two times per year to measure their progress. The MDTP helps us track a student’s progress in math in both the current year and over time.

Degrees of Reading Power (DRP)

The DRP is a measure of literacy skills, meant to measure a student’s comprehension of text passages. While many other assessments test reading “skills,” like phonetics, vocabulary, and mastery of sentence structure, DRP measures a student’s overall ability to comprehend and critically absorb passages of text. The DRP helps us track student’s reading comprehension growth over time. Middle school and high school students take the DRP in both the Fall and the Spring semesters.

Writing Assessment Program (WrAP)

WrAP is a direct measure of student writing achievement and serves as a tool to help RCS teachers pinpoint specific strengths and weaknesses of students’ written expression. The WrAP assesses a student’s ability to use stimulus-based writing prompts to develop analytical writing in the genres Narrative, Informative, and Argument/Opinion writing.