The vision for iLearn@RCS is to utilize a Biblical Worldview while providing 21 st century living and learning skills. RCS has integrated educational technology through iPads into the existing TK through 12th curriculum. The 21 st century living and learning skills are commonly grouped into four categories:

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Ways of Thinking

Creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and learning

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Ways of Working

Communication and Collaboration

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Tools for Working

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and information literacy

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Skills for Living in the World

Citizenship, life and career, and personal and social responsibility



As a Christian school, we are called to teach the students God has placed into our classrooms, and this means we have to adapt how and what we teach in order to better reach and educate the children under our care for success in this life and the next.

A major component of daily living in the 21 st century is the proliferation of readily accessible technology. Today’s students are digital natives – they have grown up in a world of technology. RCS will continue to provide the best means of communication for our students and provide learning iLearn Photo 1 iLearn Photo 2 iLearn Photo 3 iLearn Photo 4 opportunities for students to have the best compatible skills for a growing digital world.