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A Redwood Christian education focuses on equipping students for daily living and eternal life – in whatever area of life God calls them to! Our college and career planning center starts guiding students in 7th grade as they begin to explore gifts, talents, and interests they want to pursue in their future.

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For the College-Bound

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For the Military-Bound

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For the Career-Bound

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College Planning Begins with 1:1 Meetings with Students and Mrs. Suth, RCS Guidance Counselor

Meeting future goals is unique to each individual student.  That’s why we prioritize college planning as early as 7th grade!  As many of our students attend RCS for several years, we are able to strategically plan class schedules, perform strengths finders, and help students keep on track to meet their goals whether university, college, military, or career.  In partnership with the college planning tool Naviance, students meet with Mrs. Suth both individually and as classes to inspire students to strive for their goals.

As of 2021, 100% of graduating RCHS seniors were accepted to college! There are several colleges and universities awarding merit-based scholarships to RCS graduates and several scholarships available for only RCS graduates to earn.  For more information about college scholarships available to RCS students, contact us.

Questions about college planning at RCS?
Email: LisaSuth@rcs.edu



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