Biblical Integration

Redwood Christian education is founded on a Biblical Worldview. Students demonstrate their faith and understating of how to apply the Scriptures to each of their learning experiences through creative lessons developed by the RCS faculty such as:


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Mission Projects
in grade 4

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Animated Inventors
in grade 6

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The value of human life
in grade 10 Biology

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Challenging and communicating a Biblical worldview in grade 12


There is a common thread that weaves throughout all of RCS programs. RCS provides a Christ- centered education equipping students for daily living and eternal life. The faculty teaches through the lens of Scripture so that students will have a transformed worldview. Daily instruction has, at its core, the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Students are taught all subjects with the principles of salvation, spiritual growth, Biblical theology, Scriptural content, books of the Bible, Biblical historiography, Christian worldview, and a continuity of mission mindedness that creates the common goals of promoting the glory of God and knowing Him personally. RCS uses the ACSI Bible curriculum for our elementary program that allows teachers to use the Biblical model to inform and infuse the instructional program.