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Position: 5th Grade Teacher

College(s): University of California Santa Cruz

Degrees/Certifications: BA in Pre- and Early Modern Literature


How did God call you into teaching, and/or what are your professional credentials (or prior work experience)?

Shortly after graduating university, the Lord allowed me to teach English in South Korea for about five years. During that time, I grew to love teaching and became more set on teaching when I returned to the States. For three years, I've worked with middle school and high school students as a college application counselor and as an ELA/Literacy Specialist for second, third, and fourth graders.

What motivated you to become a teacher at Redwood Christian?

As I grow in my walk with God, it's more important than ever to put Him first in all that I do. By working at Redwood Christian, I get the rare opportunity to grow as a teacher and as a follower of Christ through the fellowship of other Believers daily. In addition, I get to teach my students something the joy in seeing God in everything-- even in our work.

Tell us about your family and how they are looking forward to this new opportunity.

My nieces attend Redwood through its homeschool program. No one is as excited as I am about this opportunity, but I THINK they're kind of excited about seeing me around whenever they're on campus.

Do you have any other hobbies/interests outside of teaching?

When I'm not teaching, I enjoy resting at home with a good book or writing a story or two of my own. If "eating ice-cream" were a hobby, that would also have to be on the list of things I like to do whenever the chance arises.


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