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By Dr. Al Hearne II

psalm 71 vs 5 large tree coast

The Psalmist declares 71:5, "For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O LORD, from my youth" (71:5). This portrays a deep-rooted trust and unwavering hope in God. It doesn't reflect a fleeting thought; it is a lifelong commitment to viewing God as the ultimate source of hope in this life.

In Hebrew, the term for hope, tiqwa, conveys a sense of waiting or expectation, much like its Greek counterpart, elpsis, in the New Testament. Hope in the Bible isn't wishful thinking or mere optimism; it's a confident expectation in God's faithfulness and keeping His promises.

Psalm 71:5 highlights a personal and historical relationship with God. The Psalmist recalls relying on God from youth, suggesting a trust that has been tested and proven over time. This isn't hope placed in uncertain human plans or the things of this world; it's a hope anchored in the character of God Himself.

The Psalmist's declaration of hope in God as his trust from youth carries a testimony of fact: throughout every stage of life, in every trial and season of waiting, God has been faithful. This historical trust fuels current confidence and future hope, creating a powerful witness to God's steadfastness.

Just as the Psalmist leaned on God's faithfulness, we are invited to place our hope in Him. Our hope is not baseless; it is grounded in the nature of God and His actions throughout history. Like the Psalmist, we can look back on our lives and see God's hand at work, reinforcing our hope for the present and future. Our hope in God influences our everyday experiences. It offers us a steadfast anchor in turbulent times, providing peace and stability regardless of circumstances. When we place our hope in God, we echo the confidence of the Psalmist, assured that the Lord who has been our past help will not forsake us now or in the future.

As you reflect on Psalm 71:5, consider your own journey of hope. How has God proved to be your hope and trust throughout life? Are there areas where you need to reaffirm your hope in Him? Take a moment to remember God's faithfulness in your past, to trust Him with your present, and to place your future confidently in His hands.

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