2022-23 Tuition

RCS tuition covers academic services used by all students, including many fees commonly charged by other schools such as facilities, textbooks, lab fees, and technology fees (including iPads for 9-12th grade). Additional fees may be incurred for services such as athletics, fine arts, field trips, and social events. Please contact the District Office for more information.

When more than one child from a family is enrolled at RCS, a 5% discount for each additional child is given. For example, if three children from a family are enrolled, a 10% discount is granted to the entire family. To qualify for this discount, every student must be a member of the family through birth, adoption, foster care, or full legal guardianship.

RCS has adopted a continuous enrollment system where students are continually enrolled from their initial admission until they graduate. Continuous Enrollment Payments (CEPs) are non-refundable. The deadline to opt-out of continuous enrollment for the following school year is February 1st.

Continuous Enrollment Payment
Per Student/Family Maximum       $180/$375

CEPs will be split into three monthly payments in February, March, and
April. Families with immediate enrollment from January through May can
opt-out with no fees or penalties until the last day of school.

RCS will apply any paid CEP toward open invoices (tuition or incidentals)
should a parent decide to opt-out after payments have begun.

If a family opts-out for the next school year, then decides to re-enroll after February 1st, the CEP will increase by $50 per family.

Opt-out schedule:
February 5th-Last Day of School    $100 per student
After Last Day-June 30th                  1⁄12 Annual Tuition Due
July 1st-31st                                        2⁄12 Annual Tuition Due
August 1st-Day Before School        3⁄12 Annual Tuition Due

New-Student Application Fee
Per Student                                        $175

Tuition Rates 1
TK-5      $12,956
6-8         $14,513
9-12       $15,598

Annual Plan 2            Semester Plan 3             Monthly Plan 4
TK-5     $12,697          TK-5      $6,478              TK-5      $1,080
6-8       $14,223           6-8        $7,257              6-8        $1,209
9-12     $15,286           9-12      $7,799             9-12      $1,300

Academic Assistance Program
(For students who are a grade level or more behind in core subjects)
9-12    $23,397

Annual Plan 2           Semester Plan 3              Monthly Plan 4
9-12   $22,929          9-12      $11,699              9-12      $1,950

1 All plans will be charged to the nearest cent.
2 The Annual Plan includes a 2% discount if paid in full by June.
3 Semester Plan payments are due in June and November.
4 First payment is due in June, final payment is due in May. For families enrolling after June, monthly payments will be spread out from the time of enrollment through May, possibly resulting in higher monthly payments.
5 The maximum tuition charged per family for the 2022-2023 school year will be $48,157.

International Students
International students needing an I-20 for an F-1 visa should contact the RCS Global Office at 510-317-8992 for the International Student Tuition and Fees schedule and the Payment Policies and Procedures.

Rev. 2021.01.05