RCS Sponsors

We are very grateful to the following sponsors of our 2016-17 RCS School Calendar and the 2016-17 Redwood Christian Schools Annual Dinner.

2016-17 Calendar Sponsors

August – Worley Home Design Center


September – Bancroft Uniforms


October – 4 Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning


November – Breslow Imaging

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December – Redwood Chapel



January – Dr. David T. Fosdahl, D.D.S. Chabot Dental Center


February – Castle IT Services


March – Exterior Design Painting


April – Reliable Marine Electronics


May – Beck Roofing of Hayward


June – McNely Construction Company



July  – Joe Hendren Morgan-Stanley

Morgan Stanley Logo


August – KO Websites

Bay Area Web Design & Digital Marketing Company


2016-17 Annual Dinner Sponsors

Diamond Sponsor  $2,000 and Up

Mr. and Mrs. Al Hearne
Mr. Hearne is the Superintendent of Redwood Christian Schools

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnson
Parents of Alumni Doug, ’91, and Debi, ’93
Mr. Johnson is the Superintendent Emeritus of RCS

Ms. Sandra Kelly
Long-time Supporter of RCS

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Young
Parents of Current Student

Platinum Sponsor $1,500
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Nunez
Reliable Marine Electronics
Parents of Alumni Wesley, ’12, and Whitney, ’14,
Mrs. Nunez serves on the RCS Board as Treasurer

Golden Sponsor  $1,000

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kady
Parents of Alumni Sarah, ’12, and Lisa, ’15
Mr. Kady is the Director of Advancement

Jim and Bobbie Knuppe
RAS Management, Inc.
Dr. H. James Knuppe, D.L., C.P.B.
Founder of the Self Storage Industry
& AAAAA Rent-A-Space
Long-time Supporters of RCS

Dr. And Mrs. Thomas Love
Long-time Supporters of RCS

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Warner
Exterior Design Painting
Parents of Alumni Steven, ’05

Silver Sponsor $800

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Anguiano
Mrs. Anguiano is the Parent of Alumni
Jack, ’04, and Christina, ’07, and Former Students Andrew and Joanna

G.M. Associates, Inc. Vanegas/Nutter Families
Alumni Lisa (Nutter) Vanegas, ’80, Deborah (Nutter) Camp, ’81, Karen (Nutter) Beato, ’82, Jill Ferguson, ’97, Melanie Hartman, ’99, Brittany Vanegas, ’07, Erin Vanegas, ’09, AJ Vanegas, ’10

Bronze Sponsor $600

Dave and Cathy Breslow
Breslow Imaging
Parents of Alumni Lauren, ’12, and John, ’15
Mrs. Breslow serves on the RCS Board as Secretary

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Castle
Castle IT Services
Mr. and Mrs. Castle are Current Parents of Natalie, 12th, and Parents of Alumni Jonathan, ’14

Joe and Sandy Hendren
Morgan Stanley
Mr. Joseph Hendren, Jr., Senior Portfolio Manager, Vice Present, Financial Advisor
Parents of Alumni, Jason, ’94, and Joshua, ’95
Grandparents of Current Students Vienna, 6th, Andrew, 4th, Savannah, 3rd, Adam, 4th, and Rachel, 3rd

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Huemoeller
Mr. and Mrs. Huemoeller are Parents of Alumni, Jacob, ‘11, Jay, ‘12, and Jordan, ‘15
Mr. Huemoeller is the Redwood Christian Schools Elementary Principal

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Warner
Mr. Warner is the MSHS Principal
Mr. and Mrs. Warner are Current Parents of Elijah and Isaac, 1st, and Abrielle, K

Copper Sponsor $400

Sharene Acosta- Arbonne Independent Consultant International
Mr. and Mrs. Art Acosta are current parents of Angel, 7th, and Amiaya, 5th.
Mr. Acosta is the Facilities Manager at the MSHS Campus

Mr. Peter Ambrosia
Real Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
Parent of Alumna Abigail, ’13, and Annabelle, ’16

Bruce, Sherrie and Kristi Barnes
Bancroft Uniforms
Mr. & Mrs. Barnes are Parents of Alumna Kristi, ’96

Beck Roofing Co, Inc. / Brian Beck Construction
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Beck are the Parents of Alumni Brian, ’95, and Daniel, ’98. Parents-in-law of Alumna Jennifer (Logan) Beck, ’97, and Grandparents of Austin Beck, 2nd, and Madison, Kindergarten. Mr. Charlie Beck serves on the RCS Board as Chairman of the Facilities Committee. Mr. Brian Beck is an RCS Graduate and Parent of Current Students Austin and Madison.

Harry and Sherry Bruno Family
Parents of Alumni Nathaniel, ’96, Zachary, ’02, and Benjamin, ’05
Mr. Bruno serves on the RCS Board as Chairman

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Burckin
Parents of Alumni Katherine, ’13, and Charlotte, ’16, and current student Jonathan, 8th

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Carlton
Parents of Current Students Joseph, 10th, and Morgan, 9th
Mr. Carlton serves on the RCS Board

Robin and Becky Hom
California Crosspoint Academy
Long-time Supporters of RCS

Mrs. Pat Madsen
Recipient of RCS Lifetime Recognition Award (2010)
Parent of Alumni Cathie (Catanzaro), ’77, Daniel, ’80, and Grandparent of Alumni Matthew Karn, ’00, and Lisa Karn, ’02
Wife of RCS Founder and Founding Board Member (1970-1976)

Mr. and Mrs. Owen McGrath
Colonial Mortgage & Real Estate
Parents of Alumni Kimberly (Romano) Haygood, ’91, Keith Romano, ’98, Colin McGrath, ’05, Keely (McGrath) Schuh, ’92, Cristin (McGrath) Douglas, ’94, Erin McGrath, ’98, and Ryan Romano, Former Student
Ms. McGrath is the HS Assistant Principal at RCHS

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Poling/Mr. John Emery
Precision Floor Works
Mr. and Mrs. Poling are Parents of Alumni Ryan, ’96, and Nathan, ’99
Long-time supporters of RCS

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Price
Parents of Alumna Chelsea, ’08

Redwood Chapel Community Church
Redwood Christian Schools’ Founding Church
and location of our Elementary Campus and District Office

Rayford and Margaret-Ann Reed
Parents of Alumni Dana, ’10, and Leah, ’14
Mr. Reed serves on the RCS Board as Vice Chairman

Mrs. Barbara Ritchey
Parent of Alumna Diane, ’80
Long-time supporter of RCS

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Swanson
Parents of Alumni Katrina, ’08, and Jacob, ’10
Mr. Swanson serves on the RCS Board

Mrs. Robin Wilma
Wilma’s Collision Repair
Long-time Supporter of RCS