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RCS Christian School International School Programs

We have a fantastic International Student Program that is able to meet the academic needs of all our international students based on their English proficiency. Currently we have two programs based on English proficiency. The first is our English Immersion (EI) program. The EI program is designed for our High School students with a lower level of English proficiency. Students in EI take the required classes for their grade level taught by teachers specifically trained for this task. Beyond the required classes, they also have 2 periods of English skills built into their schedule. Students with a high level of English proficiency are in our College Prep track with our American students. All of our international students are in school from 8 am until 3:45 pm each day Monday through Friday as they take an additional class period which includes: Tutoring for their core classes, SAT Prep classes, and TOEFL Prep classes.

We also offer Saturday SAT prep classes in September, college tours, college application assistance, and much more. I firmly believe that we have one of the best programs available to international students in California. With all of this our tuition is also one of the lowest in California. It is our desire to help international students have success both in their English acquisition and in their academics. It is in our best interest to help the international students get into high level colleges and universities. From the last two years some of our international student graduates are attending the following colleges and universities: UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UC Davis, UC Riverside, New York University, University of Arizona, University of North Carolina, University of Oregon, Michigan St., and Penn. St. Over the last two years we have had 31 international graduates. This year we anticipate having 22 international students graduate from RCS. Our program is exploding, and we are looking for students who are driven in their academics and who desire to do great things.

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